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When starting an online business, the first thing you need to do is create a website and find a web host. Most startup website owners will choose to get either free or shared hosting because of the lack of funds. Shared hosting is great for starting an online business but as you continue to expand, you will need more bandwidth for your website to run better.

VPS or virtual private servers help in increasing the bandwidth of your website. This means that customers who visit your website will have a faster time viewing your webpages. Your website will now load faster and accommodate more visitors. However, switching from shared hosting to unlimited VPS hosting does not come cheap. It will be an investment for your online business and you must decide if your company is ready to make this expensive change.

One way to determine if you need to switch hosts is the downtime rate of your website. Since it cannot accommodate too many visitors, it will experience downtime when overloaded. If you believe that you need to make the switch, you should look into 100TB dedicated servers as they offer cheap Windows VPS with unlimited bandwidth.

Your website is your most important asset in the online world and since you have chosen to venture online, you must be prepared to keep up with the demands of your target customers. Many websites are already making the switch as their business continues to expand and grow. Analyze your website and your customers’ needs so you can make the right decision.